NSF certified water filters

10934007_728562923917558_6707243275271240685_n                                                                                                        Drinking water is one of the bare necessities of life and to ensure that you have access to pure and healthy drinking water is very important. There are several kinds of filters in the market and you would be confused as to what is the best one for your house or office. Always go for NSF certified water filters that give you the guarantee that your drinking water is healthy. Austin Springs are the leading manufacturers and distributors of such certified filters in Hong Kong and should be your choice too.                                                                   1461623_499748990132287_1744656766_n

Trust Factor: The varieties of Water Filter Hong Kong offered by Austin Springs undergo a lot of testing and thus you can trust them to filter very drop of water that you drink. Impurities in water are not just the dirt or contamination we can see but it is more about the microbial elements that are the cause for many health issues. Along with this the chemicals present in water can harm your skin and hair and cause you to fall sick. These filters are capable of eliminating all such kinds of impurities.                                                                1549526_646033252170526_8306620367207667767_n

Designs to choose from: Not only do Austin Springs manufacture filters for drinking water but also the NSF certified water filters and shower filters. Each of these came with variants which you can select from depending on your usage. When you install a whole house filter it will purify the water right at the point where it enters the house. Shower filters are very efficient to remove chemicals from water that can be harmful for your skin and hair in the long run.                                                                                                                                          1456535_499185320188654_32025999_n

Easy replacements: One of the challenges water filter users encounter is to find the right replacements. You can get yearly replaces for Water Filter Hong Kong by Austin Springs right at their website. You can select them based on your filter model and place the order. You will get complete support and installation help from the company that ensures that you will continue to receive pure and healthy drinking water.                                                               10516702_627761103997741_3910172528596916211_n

Value for money: Compared to all the water filters in the region, these NSF certified water filters are best in class and are economically priced. Because you will be directly buying from Austin Springs the filters are pocket friendly and 100% genuine. The yearly replaces are also offered at discounted prices and thus giving you access to healthy water at affordable price. Whether you go for NSF certified water filters, drinking water filter or shower filter you will get original products at reasonable price.                                                            1013620_732113913562459_5348746703150544356_n

Its time you make the right choice for your loved ones and install top quality water filter at home and usher in good health.


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